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Important Customer notifications follow.

Attention: Wireless customers
Effective January 1, 2011, WireFree Communications Inc. ("WireFree") is providing your Internet services. Please note that as a WireFree customer there will be no interruption of service and your service rates will remain unchanged.
It has been a pleasure to serve you and we are confident you will be satisfied with your new Internet service provider.

Attention: Dial-up customers
In the upcoming weeks, Red River Internet will discontinue providing dial-up service. We are working with Frontier Communications to get everyone in Lake Havasu City and Parker transitioned over so that your Internet service will continue to work without modification. Roaming users will unfortunately need to find an alternate service provider in their area.

If you live in Lake Havasu City and want to stay with our team, you might be able to get high-speed wireless Internet service. You can call WireFree at 505-2999 to schedule an appointment for a survey at your location.

Attention: Email users
As of February 1, 2011, Red River Internet will also not be providing free email accounts @redrivernet.com or @rraz.net. If you want to continue to use your Red River email account after that time, the email-only service is $4.95 per month for up to 5 email addresses. Please send an email to billing@rraz.net so that we can set that up for you. Otherwise, feel free to set up an account with a free alternative that works everywhere such as Google's Gmail service.

In addition, Red River will no longer provide virus and spam filtering for incoming email as of February 1, 2011. Please make sure that you have updated anti-virus software installed on your computer. For home users, we currently recommend either AVG Free or Microsoft Security Essentials.

Our web hosting service will continue for those who host websites with Red River.

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